Here Are the Top Foods To Try on Nantucket

One of the best parts of vacation is indulging in the local culinary scene. After all, calories don’t count on vacation, right?! From homey diners to fine dining establishments, there are many places on the island that are home to must-try dishes. Keep reading to learn about the top foods to try on Nantucket 

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Top Foods To Try on Nantucket 

Get your tastebuds ready and treat yourself to the top foods to try on Nantucket.  


Buttermilk Biscuits from Black-Eyed Susan’s 

Black-Eyed Susan’s is a cherished diner on the island of Nantucket. One of their most popular breakfast dishes is their buttermilk pancakes, served with blended syrup and sweet butter. You can also add fresh berries to the plate if you want to take things up a notch. Don’t forget to get a side of black-eyed peas with grits or hash browns.  


Clam Chowder and Lobster Rolls at Jetties 

For your authentic seafood fix, head to Jetties, a relaxed and beachy spot. Begin your meal with a hot bowl of clam chowder and follow it with a lobster roll, which is served on a buttered brioche roll and features lobster salad with lemon mayo and fresh herbs.  

Happy Hour 

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts at The Proprietors Bar & Table 

This bar and restaurant features outstanding small plates, which are perfect for snacking on while you’re waiting for the dinner hour to hit. Their caramelized Brussel sprouts are served with green apple agrodolce (a sticky, tart-sweet condiment made by reducing sugar or honey, vinegar, and fruit), crispy bread, almonds, and pecorino.    

Sunny & 75 at Galley Beach 

Nothing beats watching the sunset while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Galley Beach is elegant yet cozy and features outstanding views of the Nantucket Sound. They produce high-quality, handcrafted cocktails, such as their Sunny & 75. This floral and nutty concoction includes Monkey 47 (dry gin), Nonino Grappa (Italian moonshine), lavender champagne simple syrup, lemon, and prosecco.  


Scallops at Straight Wharf 

One of America’s top seafood restaurants, Straight Wharf, has been a Nantucket staple for over 40 years. Before visiting, be sure to check their menu for the latest version. They’re constantly switching it up, depending on the local season. Their local dayboat scallops are currently served with succotash composed of island corn, house bacon, summer beans, farm tomatoes, zucchini, and basil.    

Ribeye at Via Mare 

Our sister property, Greydon House, is also home to the fantastic restaurant on Nantucket, Via Mare. While you’re in the dining room, indulge in a mouthwatering dish like Bistecca—a 12–ounce dry-aged beef ribeye with black truffle steak sauce, chives, and truffle butter.  


Ice Cream at The Juice Bar 

The Juice Bar is hands-down known as the best spot on the island to pick up a sweet treat. While it does feature fresh–squeezed juices and smoothies, it’s also known for its homemade ice cream and delicious flavors, like triple chocolate, cake batter, coffee cake, and more.  

Make Anchor Inn Your Nantucket Home Base

As you plan your fun-filled foodie adventure through Nantucket, you’ll need somewhere to rest your head and make your home base. Our bed and breakfast, Periwinkle Inn, retains a special character and charm authentic to the island of Nantucket. We’re also proud to offer all the modern-day amenities that will make your vacation extra-special. If you want to enjoy a meal here at the inn, give our daily complimentary breakfast a try. Each day we serve hot coffee, homemade pastries, yogurt, and granola.  

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